Extraordinary claims require extraordinary shirts.

Sale - Will Convert For Evidence (old print)

$9.90 $17.00


This design has been discontinued - No back orders will be accepted - see the new design here.

No, honey, don't give him money. He'll just use it on booze.

Behind the Design: http://blog.theproudatheist.com/behind-the-design-will-convert-for-evidence/

Fabric Color:White blend

"It's fun, its comfortable, and it makes you think." - Brainulo, sentient computer
"I hope this doesn't catch on, it could really hurt business" - Jeff Cardboard, head of Cardboard Industries International
"This shirt has shut down all of our organizations, and all of that money can now go to the needy and hungry." - All religions, cults, and scam artists

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