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Many of us LGBT folks remained closeted in a lifestyle that was untrue to ourselves due to the pressures of organized religion, societal indoctrination, and general crazy nutjobs that run it all.åÊ For us, it may not be enough to be a Proud Atheist. For us, it's all about being a Proud Gaytheist. Get your religion out of my head and out of my bedroom.


We tried to fit all the LGBTQIA stuff into the word atheist but couldn't make it a word that flows trippingly off the tongue. However, we CAN'T be the first to create this portmanteau (that's a sweet ass word, btw), right? Do we get money for being the first? Nah. If running an online t-shirt website proves anything, it's that we will never see any money ever. Oh well, at least we created Gaytheist.


Fabric Color*: Heather Navy Blue, Heather Red, Bright Red, Bright Blue

"Look, if you keep quoting Leviticus at us, we've really got no choice but to abandon the entire faith Bible-y thing." - Fey Queeny the Third, Head of the Gay Agenda.
I don't believe in god. I'm a homosexual. Finally, a shirt for me." - Sun Tzu, author of The Fabulous Art of War
"You shall not pass, without giving me your phone number. Let's sext!" - Gandalf the Gay

*note: Bright blue and bright red are District 4.3oz tees, Heather Colors are tultex 3.2oz

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