Extraordinary claims require extraordinary shirts.

Foxhole Atheist - Women's



Are you looking for a derogatory reason to support your weak arguments? Do you need to put others down in order to feel better about yourself? Then please keep telling yourself that there is “no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.”

Let’s review your bullet-proof logic:

  • Atheists claim they don’t believe in god
  • But as we all know, any atheist will turn to god if they are under enough stress
  • Thus, every atheist secretly believes in god
  • I can use this rationale to support MY belief in god! Sweet!

Let’s just ignore the fact  that there are MORE atheists in the armed forces than there are in the rest of the population, or even that one of the world’s most prominent names in atheism, Christopher Hitchens, found himself in a dangerous foxhole more than once.

Yes, let’s ignore facts and instead try desperately to support our belief that atheists don’t actually believe what they claim to. Because otherwise, well gosh, we might have to respect them.

Note: Green and Bright blue are printed on slightly different shirt brands than the majority of other colors. Fit is approximately the same, but to allow for color combos different brands have been selected. All are still women's cut.