Extraordinary claims require extraordinary shirts.



Listen, we non-believers are routinely and annoyingly accused of lacking wonder, majesty, or even morality because we don't have god(s) in our lives.

This, my friends, is bull%8it.

While we may not accept the existence of god, angels, ghosts, or even Santa (Sorry kids. But hey, doesn’t that make ma & pa so much cooler?!), we DO believe in something much better. Something far better than god; we believe in good! (As our shirt proudly proclaims) 

Atheists have such a bad PR reputation that here in America we are often described as “the most hated minority.” If such polls are to be believed, then it’s time for us to take a proactive step and show these haters exactly what atheism is and is not. Atheism is not a belief system. Atheism is living without a belief in god. Simple, right? But doesn't life without god equal rampant prostitution, greed, crime, and debauchery?!

No. It doesn’t. And that’s why The Proud Atheist wants you to help out with our humble contest.


good (adj.) 1. Morally excellent; virtuous; righteous

Do you know an atheist who does good? Or indeed are you an atheist who does good? Of course you are. Show the world and win!

The Rules 

  1. Submit an original image or video which clearly depicts an atheist doing good works. This must be an image or video of you or someone you know personally.
  2. “Good works” is defined as, for the purpose of this contest, “helping another creature or improving the world in some way without supernatural or monetary motivations and incentives.”
  3. Submit your entry in one of three ways:
    1. Email your picture or a link to your YouTube video to contact@theproudatheist.com with the subject line of “Atheists Believe in Good” (this is the best method).  
    2. And/or post your picture or video to our Facebook Page with the hashtag of #goodatheists
    3. And/or post your picture or video to Twitter, mentioning @theproudatheist and using the hashtag #goodatheists
  4. This contest will run until October 1st, 2013, 11:59PM PST
  5. TheProudAtheist.com staff will vet through your submissions and vote on the top 5 submissions. Then, we will create an online poll to allow the public to vote on the winning entry via Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Video may be up to 5 minutes in length and photos may include explanatory text for context. Videos may be uploaded to YouTube or linked to any file sharing service you prefer, as long as the TPA staff can download it. Please be aware that any photo or video submitted to TPA may be distributed on our website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account.


  1. Grand Prize winner receives an 3 total shirts including Atheists Believe in Good, TPA Logo, and one additional shirt of their choosing.
  2. Second Place receives an Atheists Believe in Good shirt
  3. Third Place receives a 30% discount coupon for their next TPA order.

So get cracking! Send us your good atheist examples and WIN SOME COOL STUFF! It’s that easy! Shoot us an email or a tweet if you have any questions. 

TPA Team