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"Every Day is an Atheist Holiday" - Please Take My Money November 13, 2012 22:38 1 Comment


I didn't think one could top the cover of "God, No!," with his big smirking punum, but they did it, goddamn it! (Source: bookword.com.au)

Penn Jillette's New Book Drops ... Yesterday!

Hot on the heels of his bestseller "God, No! - Signs You Already May Be An Atheist and Other Magical Tales" comes another book of taller tales from the taller magical member of the duo Penn and Teller.  And I mean hot - that last book only came out a year ago!  In the midst of what I'm sure is a very busy schedule, Penn Jillette has sat down with The Washington Times' Kevin Kelly for an interview on his new book, the election, libertarianism, and more.

Not much to this blog entry, really.  Just a heads up to go out and grab this book - I sure will be.  "God, No!" was an amazing read - often hilarious, but just as often poignant to the point of stirring tears.  And all it was was a collection of goofball stories from one of the world's biggest.  I've had the pleasure of hearing him tell a few tales in person, and trust me - he's a big cuddly weaver of words.  I'm sure "Atheist Holiday" will be just as pleasing.  The best part? He's finally allowed to talk about his time on Celebrity Apprentice.  Trust me - some of the stories I've already heard, if they made it into this book, make it a MUST BUY.

The big picture up there will take you to Amazon.com, as will that link there, if you want to grab yourself a copy.  And you can read Penn's interview here.

The Religio-Industrial Revolution Will Be Televised August 12, 2012 11:48 1 Comment

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="330"] One of many mega-churches around the nation, funneling untold dollars into the "religio-industrial" complex (Source: GodDiscussion.com)[/caption]

Richard Dawkins Foundation to expose the Lives of The Rich and Religious

From GodDiscussion.com comes the first information on a new documentary intended to reveal just how much of a cash cow this whole tax-free religion thing is.  From Sean Faircloth, RDF's Director of Strategy and Policy, ""Today, I am announcing that the Richard Dawkins Foundation U.S. is starting a project to expose  the religio-industrial complex through a professional documentary that reveals both the human injustices caused by fundamentalism in law but also the lifestyles of the rich and religious.  And you can help.  With a little bit of investigating of public records and Google maps, you can in your state document what is happening and show that this is a pervasive problem and not an anomaly.  And don’t forget the homes of the children and the siblings who are called by God to get a really sweet tax exemption."  GodDiscussion catalogues Faircloth's lengthy speech at the most recent TAM (The Amazing Meeting) in Las Vegas, and the article concludes with the full video.  To get the email address so you can help out, click here to be taken to the full article, where you can watch said video.  I was at TAM this year, but I was too busy shakin' it at Penn Jillette's Bacon and Doughnuts Party to hear anything other than killer tunes.  Let that be a lesson - important smart stuff first, get stupid later.