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South Korea's Dino-Tastic Science Win September 14, 2012 23:16 4 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="620"] A Bird? A Dinosaur? Or a MacGuffin left by the Christian God in order to mess with our dumb heads? (Source: Wired.Co.UK)[/caption]

South Korea (!) Sticks to Science in Its Textbooks

Now THERE'S a piece of comforting news (from Wired)! Too bad its coming from halfway round the globe! Take a look, These United States, and see how it's done: recently, a group known as the "Society for Textbook Revise," (probably sounds cooler in Korean), which itself is an offshoot of Korea Association for Creation Research (probably sounds just as foolish in Korean), put some pressure on textbook publishers to remove certain sections regarding "the evolution of horses and the Jurassic-era early avian-like dinosaur Archaeopteryx" (probably sounds far less cool in Korean). See, this group felt that, since the archeological community is still in debate as to whether this bad mamma jamma:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="474"] ARCHAEOPTERYX! ::guitar noise:: (Source:jameszaworski.blogspot.com)[/caption]

...could fly, or glide, or if it's just got lovely plumage. These creationists chums say, well, since there's debate, leave it out of the books, please. Thankfully, there's a board of sensible, sane folks within South Korea's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology who rightfully decided that scientific uncertainty can still be taught. I mean, sure, having all the answers would be great, but until we do, why keep the question away from those seeking knowledge? What a great lesson plan that is: see this wicked dinosaur? Archaeologists still don't know what this millenia-old creature was capable of! Let's talk about it!  I don't remember my textbooks having info on feathered dinosaurs... crap! South Korean creationists got to my education.  IN THE PAST!

Two things about this story intrigue me: First - what a smart tactic for a creationist group to take. By picking such a specific, tiny target, had they won? That could have opened the door for more and more evolutionary teaching to be dismantled bit by bit. I hope no one on this side of the world gets any ideas. Second - someone in the comments of this article, and there are always these people, argued that "both sides" should be taught so children could decide for themselves. While I do think that an understanding of other beliefs is necessary (mostly so they can be dismantled and mocked more efficiently), A) they don't deserve equal time with FACTS in a SCIENCE CLASS, and B) when someone says "both sides," what's the other side they're referring to? Someone else in the comments on Wired brought up a fact I had never considered - these "both sides" people really only mean Christian creationism when they say that, don't they? No one advocating that "creationism" be taught alongside evolution is talking about including ALL creation stories, just theirs. What if we gave them what they wanted, but forced them to include the Frost Giant Ymir's death and his body forming the Earth realm or Anum forming substance from the chaos of Nu? Now that'd be a class.