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Speaking Out No Matter The Cost August 14, 2012 19:31 2 Comments

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A Catalogue of Discrimination Towards America's Most Hated Peoples

Greta Christina has complied an amazing and staggeringly disheartening list of instances in which decent, god-not-believing-in people like you and me have been discriminated against.  It goes on for quite a while - at one point, every other word is a hyperlink!  It's important to realize, and its something that's easy to forget when we're surrounded by like-minded friends, as we all oft-want to be, that the way the rest of this country feels about us is bigoted at best and illegal as all hell at worst.  Sadly, as Greta is quick to point out, fighting these legal battles can devastate one's life and quick, but, just as sadly, it's a necessary step to acceptance and equality.  And it's incredibly bolstering to hear that the toughest fighters are high school students.  We, from behind out hate-proof shields and bigot-dispelling bunkers, salute you!  Have a click to read the whole article and immerse yourself in a rich history of discrimination.  History? Hell, it's incredibly recent. Read on.

And if you want to speak up and announce to the world who YOU are, why not swing by the store and grab yourself a shirt? They're real comfy!