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Dawkins Returns To TV To Talk Boners and Corpses October 17, 2012 21:33 4 Comments

Like Ringo Starr, I apologize for the lateness of my reply.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="580"] Richard Dawkins, looking off with his filthy mind on sex and death and stuff. (Source: Radiotimes.com)[/caption]

Richard Dawkins Dares to Question the Unshakeable Morality of the Holy Word of YAHWEH.

Richard Dawkins, that ne'er-do-well and general pot-stirrer, is at it again, this time deigning to insult the infallible notion that a book written by desert-dwelling nomads centuries ago somehow shouldn't be the end-all, be-all of modern man's basis of morality. And he put this affront to decency on TELEVISION. My kids could be watching that, on Channel 4.

The special, "Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life," airs... well, a few nights ago (as of writing... sorry) and aims to address what would happen if we finally left religion behind. Are ethics and morality an evolutionary product, or do they truly come from ten laws blasted into stone by an irate shrubbery? What changes could society see in the creation of law? Does science and reason present enough incentive to behave in a moral fashion towards our fellow man? Does the dogma of religious adherence do more harm than good in the name of following a strict moral code? How many references to Douglas Adams will there be outside of the title? Lots?

Personally, I hope for an in-depth expose on the absolute ridiculousness of victimless crimes, which I personally equate with the idea of outright thought crimes. Why, in the present, when conjugating the verb is no longer the ridiculous taboo used to keep the simple out of power, is making sex the unspeakable moral pothole it still is?! The absurd punishment and shaming of adults behaving morally in the privacy of their own homes needs to be addressed. If I want to bring my Fleshlight with me whenever I travel, because most hotel beds are EXACTLY the right height for... well, using it properly, I shouldn't be ashamed when TSA needs to take it out and asks, "is there food in here?"*  I think society has come far enough to give me that!

EDIT: Watched it.  Dawkins really didn't address the proliferation of male sexual aides.  Shame.  Good though, give it a watch.  Maybe in part 2.

*Entirely a true story.