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Working With Moderates? Sorry, I'm Too Much of a Logic Fundie September 19, 2012 18:35 9 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Professor Jacques Berlinerblau, forcing me to type "Berlinerblau" again. (Source: Twitter)[/caption]

New Book from Biblical Scholar Bemoans "New Atheists" and Calls for Cooperation with Moderates

Associate Professor of Jewish Civilization and nonbeliever Jacques Berlinerblau has published a book entitled "How to be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom," according to a report from The Washington Post.  His book, filled with stirring calls to action to preserve the first amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion, is really a call for atheists to essentially back off and unite with religious moderates.  Probably.  I haven't read it.  I'm taking the article's word for it.  But let's continue as if that's the case, shall we?  Thanks.

Now, while his ultimate goal of secularism within all forms of government is incredibly admirable - I agree that religion and policy should never ever be any sort of bedfellows - I'm entirely opposed to his method.  He claims that there are many faithful in the world who favor church-state separation, and that these are our natural allies.  I do not see how they can be.  First of all - the existence of moderates within a faith allows for the existence of fundamentalists.  It just does.  If a massive majority follows 90 percent of the tenets of their faith, they have no choice but to turn the other cheek when the minority follows the other 10 percent to its (quite often literal) bloody end.  Second, he seems to be confusing the notions of respecting the existence of a belief and respecting the belief itself, or even the believer.  Why fashion ourselves into moderates, gradually becoming more and more accepting of the foolish and dangerous things put forth by even the most moderate of the faithful?  How is that making us any stronger? How is that a victory for logic and reason?  I have to acknowledge a person's right to believe any ridiculous nonsense they want.  What Berlinerblau calls for is one of the most clear examples of the "lesser evils" principle I've heard, and I'd rather stick to my guns than do something I'm already calling "evil."

A Religion Of Kindness August 23, 2012 22:37 3 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="480"] Phyllis Diller - Humanist, Powerhouse Comedienne, National... no, Worldwide Treasure, dead at 95. (Source: goddiscussion.com)[/caption]

"We Are Not Created By A Deity. We Created the Deity in Our Image."

Not spoken by a famous atheist author or skeptic philosopher,but one of the funniest folks on the planet. One of the world's most beloved and groundbreaking comedians, Phyllis Diller, passed peacefully in her sleep yesterday at the age of 95.  I didn't know that she was an atheist, but I had assumed (and I always assume that of all the great comedians).  She was an atheist in her private life, saying, ""Religion is such a medieval idea. Don't get me started. I have thought about every facet of religion and I can't buy any of it,"  and said in an interview for Out Magazine in 2011, she'd like to be remembered "for being funny. Well, I should say being kind. I am a kind person. I'm kind to everybody. I treat everybody the same, and I'm proud of that. In fact, that's my religion." I imagine she was probably incredibly kind.  The self-depreciating, hilarious ones usually are.  Check out the link on goddiscussion.com for more info on her amazing life, links to more articles, and some one-liners that made me laugh out loud (make sure you imagine her trademark voice and incredible laugh.)

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Ripping It A New One, Right in the Scriptures August 21, 2012 19:22 18 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="390"] A good ol' Bible page-tearing event at Huntington Beach, 8-18-12 (Source: Backyard Skeptics)[/caption]

SoCal Atheists Tear Into the Bible, Literally*

*sort of literally

The Backyard Skeptics of Orange County performed a lively demonstration on the pier of Huntington Beach Saturday, tearing into scripture that no truly moral person could agree with.  Commendations go to this awesome group of individuals who not only chose a primo location (a popular haven for religious nuts taking to the streets) and for not actually destroying any Bibles - apparently they simply tore into photocopies of the "good" book.  Thank you for not succumbing to the desire to actively destroy Bibles and make yourselves look even more evil in the eyes of bible-thumpers (and bible-repairers).  I hope the message was successfully delivered to the happy people of Huntington Beach - much of the Bible is dogmatic, draconian, and downright immoral, and the good stuff shouldn't require belief in a mythical Big Brother to be followed.  Click here to read the story from The Examiner, which contains a video of their antics and links to their website and meetup page.  Good work, guys!

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Speaking Out No Matter The Cost August 14, 2012 19:31 2 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="310"] A sign (Source: Bruce Amos / Shutterstock.com[/caption]

A Catalogue of Discrimination Towards America's Most Hated Peoples

Greta Christina has complied an amazing and staggeringly disheartening list of instances in which decent, god-not-believing-in people like you and me have been discriminated against.  It goes on for quite a while - at one point, every other word is a hyperlink!  It's important to realize, and its something that's easy to forget when we're surrounded by like-minded friends, as we all oft-want to be, that the way the rest of this country feels about us is bigoted at best and illegal as all hell at worst.  Sadly, as Greta is quick to point out, fighting these legal battles can devastate one's life and quick, but, just as sadly, it's a necessary step to acceptance and equality.  And it's incredibly bolstering to hear that the toughest fighters are high school students.  We, from behind out hate-proof shields and bigot-dispelling bunkers, salute you!  Have a click to read the whole article and immerse yourself in a rich history of discrimination.  History? Hell, it's incredibly recent. Read on.

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Some Happy News August 09, 2012 15:20 4 Comments

A nondescript cross. (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

Ireland Abandoning Religion Faster Than Almost Any Other Country

It seems, according to a new survey, that Ireland, once the land of serious violence between two VERY similar religious sects, is now full of citizens claiming to be non-religious.  If only it could have been a mass awakening towards rational thought and nocat the revelation that the church has been plagued with sexual abuse for years that brought about such changes.  Only Vietnam has experienced a larger drop according to the survey.  Click to visit The Independent and read more.