Internet Video Service Provides Public With Evidence That Candidate for Leader of Free World Believes a Ghost Will "Split Mount of Olives" November 05, 2012 09:43 5 Comments

Presidential hopeful (with emphatic stress on the word "hopeful") Mittles Romney waves to some people in an image shot from a very weird angle (Source: The Washington Post)

Mitt Romney Incredibly Uncomfortable Discussing Mormon Religion, Makes Everyone Else Even More Uncomfortable

It's been making the rounds of the internet, and even The Washington Post feels that this YouTube clip of Mitt Romney appearing on a radio show is vitally important to the voting public.  I don't much mind if you're familiar with this story, I just feel, this close to the election, this stuff belongs here.

The interview was way back in 2007, back when Mitt was in the midst of his then-unsuccessful big for the Republican nomination.  His Mittness appeared on WHO-AM in Des Moines, speaking on Jan Mickelson's popular conservative segment.  When the show turned to the subject of Romney's faith, boy oh boy did the Mittster quickly construct a solid defensive wall made of finger-pointing, paranoia, and filibusters, with a keystone of solid dickish attitude.  Seriously.  Watch the video.  Poor Jan can barely get a word in edgewise as Romney insists that the Lamb of Christs won't actually descend on Jacksonville, but rule the pockmarked, hellish Earth from both Jerusalem AND Missouri, but when Jan does manage to speak, it's in DEFENSE of Romney's ludicrousness.

There's so much to glean from this video, to observe and absorb and take to the polls.  Romney's prickish attitude, which permeates through every syllable, every gesture.  The stark, harsh look in Mittland's eyes - the look of a man who is cemented up to his Adam's apple in his beliefs. And his constant insistence that he's "not running as a Mormon." Why do you think that is? What candidate doesn't run on a platform of his or her unyeilding faith in the majesty of god's unending goodness, a faith that influences every decision and rebuilds America back to the greatest and bestest?  Only those who KNOW that their faith is a divisive, racist 19th century scam, is who.

This video comes in fresh tandem with a recent flood of tweets from one Richard Dawkins, who has pumped the Twitterverse with pleas that USians vote for the man who may be expressing Christian faith only because it is a necessary foible of running for American office, and not for the man who buys hook, line, and racist sinker the ramblings of a known confidence man.  While some have criticized Dawkins' tweets as blind faith in Obama, stating that the good evolutionary biologist used to judge all religions as equally bonkers but now claims Christianity is small, sane peanuts compared to the LDS bull-hooey, I personally feel that Dawkins realizes the nature of the two-party system in this country; noting that it would be preferable to NOT have a man appoint Supreme Court Justices when said man also believes in protective garments, Bigfoot, Kolob, and the White Horse Prophecy (which sounds like it should be out of a Stephen King novel, and not something ACUTAL HUMANS believe is ACTUALLY SOMETHING THAT WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN GODDAMNIT).

Watch the video here, to see the blind, unerring passion for unshakeable dogma in a major presidential candidate's eyes.