A brief history of time. Simple, true magic. November 01, 2012 16:32 2 Comments

We all know how amazing simple scientific truths can be. This quick demonstration is something you and your children will never forget, and something that I promise you will always be received with excitement and awe.

  • Extend both of your arms outward from your sides. The length from fingertip to fingertip represents the age of the Earth.
  • From the tip of your left fingers all the way to your left shoulder, no life existed on our planet.
  • The distance from your left shoulder to your right wrist represents the amount of time it took for complex cells to develop (mostly algae).
  • In the palm of your right hand, vertebrates and land plants come on the scene.
  • Most of the length of your right fingers is taken up by the dinosaurs.
  • Your longest fingertip is when mammals took over.

Now, please blow the bit of dust off the tips of your fingernails.

You just blew away all of human history.

The next time a religious person tells you that atheists can't be filled with awe, wonder, majesty, and joy, just remember how absolutely awesome it is to appreciate thrilling truths such as this.