Billboard to Do What No Debate Has Done - REALLY Address Romney's Faith October 21, 2012 23:46 36 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] I hope people can read tiny fine print as a mobile billboard zooms by. Because it's important. It's a real hope! I'm not being sarcastic! (Source: CNN)[/caption]

Organized Atheists Stick to the Plan of Using the Billboard as Their Only Tactic - BUT ON WHEELS

American Atheists have licked their wounds (has? wound?) after having their billboards pulled from the convention area in North Carolina a few months back, and have returned with a vengeance.  A billboard-powered vengeance!  ...It's a mild, easy-going sort of vengeance, according to a recent story from CNN.

While Mitt Romney campaigns in Florida leading up to his final showdown with the President, cruising the mean streets of the muggiest place on Earth will be a mobile billboard condemning the Mittster's religion for its exclusionist practices.  The billboard refers to the doctrine preventing black people from serving as priests (who am I kidding? Black men.  Women will ALWAYS be NEVER allowed to do ANYTHING), that is, until 1978, when Kolob's Space God sent a magic message to change the law.  It also refers to the ongoing discrimination towards the homosexual community (who am I kidding again? Gays.  Because lesbians will ALWAYS be NEVER considered IMPORTANT).

But! A twist! Mormons say that the billboard's claims are inaccurate!

"People are surely free to disagree with us on the facts," Dale Jones, a church spokesman, quickly damage-controlled in an email to CNN.  "This group seems not to know that there have been black members of the Church since our earliest history, and there are many faithful gay members of the Church today."

That's a very good point.  American Atheists just don't have the facts!   LIke the fact that, even though they're have always been black members of the Mormon church, they were originally prevented from becoming priests (something EVERY SINGLE MALE MEMBER of the Mormon church becomes) because every single black person has the mark of Cain and is a descendant of Bigfoot. (By the way, this didn't change in that "revelation.")  Or the fact that 80 to 90 percent of the door-to-door volunteers pioneering for Proposition 8 (the California state amendment that would only allow the union between a man and a woman be recognized and valid in the state) were of the LDS team, and that almost 200 grand was spent by the Mormon church towards Prop 8.  Yep. A church spent its funds to influence legislation of the right-refusing variety.  Exactly what they're not really supposed to do.

So, yes, feel free to point out that you do have specific demographics in your congregation.  But don't try to hide the face that you may not exactly want them there.

Go billboard, go billboard, go!  I feel like our store needs a Mormon shirt....