The Science Guy Says - Creationism is For the Crazies August 28, 2012 21:51 11 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="615"] Bill Nye appears on Big Think to fulfill is role as The Science Guy (Source: Big Think, The Raw Story)[/caption]

If This Show Returns To Television, Creationists and Climate Change Deniers Better RUN

Bill Nye, following in the footsteps of greats like Penn Jillette and Michio Kaku, has appeared on the popular web series Big Think to discuss big thinly questions, like how to talk to alien life, why we explore, and, most importantly, why creationism is a load of hooey and cannot be taught to children if our country is to stay at the forefront of scientific exploration.  This is something I just DO NOT GET. I mean, we all grew up with the same television channels, right?  We all saw enough Beakman's World, plenty of Mr. Wizard, and, if we were lucky, the all five series of Bill Nye The Science Guy.

We learned about clouds and dirt and how planes fly and how to make whirlpools in 2-liter soda bottles AND evolution as kids.  And not once did these heroes of television do an episode on miracles or angels or the feats of Jesus.  How did so many of my friends end up in church youth groups?

Ah well.  Bill Nye, thankfully, is still around, trying to set these youngsters straight. His entire interview on Big Think can be seen here and the image above will take you to The Raw Story page for this bit of news.

If you've got an idea of how we can honor the man in a shirt design, let us know - the science angle is something we're hoping to explore.  Because SCIENCE RULES. And INERTIA IS A PROPERTY OF MATTER.  And so on.