Commune with Nature, Think For Yourself, Learn to Tie Lanyards August 26, 2012 06:08

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Children learn the humanist-centric value of the human wheelbarrow at Camp Quest (Source: Camp Quest)[/caption]

Godless Fun For Non-Believing Kids

Did you guys know about this? I had heard of it, but now I've found out a bit more, thanks to a recent article from The Inquisitr. Camp Quest, a traditional-style summer camp that strives to encourage the values of critical thinking, natural wonder, and science, sounds awesome!  And I hate the outdoors!  While I'm not sure a focus on being an atheist is appropriate for an 8-year-old, it doesn't sound like Camp Quest is about reciting Hitchens quotes around a campfire; more archery and hiking.  Naturally, I hope that summer camps and other similar organizations are as secular and inclusive as possible, unless they specifically are based in religion, but you never know.  I didn't know that Hobby Lobby is a Christian company until recently (don't go there, it's really weird and its more crafts than hobbies - no board games), and some camps just might try to sneak the teachings of Christ into their canoe trips.  I also thought this was only one place, but thankfully it looks like Camp Quest is taking off, with over fifteen locations and growing!  Nice work, Camp Quest.  Send your kid away someplace fun and get some peace next summer.

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