Ripping It A New One, Right in the Scriptures August 21, 2012 19:22 18 Comments

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="390"] A good ol' Bible page-tearing event at Huntington Beach, 8-18-12 (Source: Backyard Skeptics)[/caption]

SoCal Atheists Tear Into the Bible, Literally*

*sort of literally

The Backyard Skeptics of Orange County performed a lively demonstration on the pier of Huntington Beach Saturday, tearing into scripture that no truly moral person could agree with.  Commendations go to this awesome group of individuals who not only chose a primo location (a popular haven for religious nuts taking to the streets) and for not actually destroying any Bibles - apparently they simply tore into photocopies of the "good" book.  Thank you for not succumbing to the desire to actively destroy Bibles and make yourselves look even more evil in the eyes of bible-thumpers (and bible-repairers).  I hope the message was successfully delivered to the happy people of Huntington Beach - much of the Bible is dogmatic, draconian, and downright immoral, and the good stuff shouldn't require belief in a mythical Big Brother to be followed.  Click here to read the story from The Examiner, which contains a video of their antics and links to their website and meetup page.  Good work, guys!

Man, can you imagine if they were wearing a couple of our shirts while doing their demonstration?  That would've turned even more heads! Turn your own heads at our kickin' store.