Behind the Design - You're an Atheist Too (Mostly) January 21, 2015 17:51 1 Comment

We’ve had this conversation quite a bit, have we not?  Just what do we mean when we say “I am an atheist?”  There are numerous connotations that jump into people’s minds: we are humanists, skeptics, maybe cynics, some of us liberal, some of us libertarian.  The one thing we all have in common, the unifying facet, the main tenet of being an atheist: an atheist says, “I don’t believe in god.” 

In September of 2013, the University of North Georgia Skeptics Society created a “Graveyard of the Gods,” pictured above.  The entrance placard read “God Graveyard – Here lie the graves of thousands of dead gods – Once worshiped by entire civilizations, now only myths – How much longer with the gods of today last?”  Two hundred tombstones were placed in a well-traveled part of campus bearing the designations and details of “deceased” deities from Aegir (god of the ocean in Norse mythology) to Zywie (goddess of health and healing in Slavic mythology).  The point being, “Look, religious believer, look around!  Look at all of the gods you DO NOT believe in.  Gods have come and gone without your belief and devotion, and you are not worried about divine retribution!  You even consider the ‘current’ gods of other religions false without a care!”

We don’t have a campus lawn’s worth of space, but we’ve got a torso’s worth.  With this new design, let believers know that “You’re an atheist too (mostly).”  Ask them to understand why they are so ready to dismiss out of hand the pantheon of gods and goddesses that do not align with the circumstances of their birth, and hopefully they’ll understand why we just add one more to the list.